Elusive dreams of driving percussions and gentle temptations.

The balance of soft and hard is essential… without darkness there is no light… without rest there is no life. Both a forceful push or a soothing rest are necessary in time… A kick in the butt or a place to rest your head. Breaking and mending. To build or to wreck. To be challenged or to be cherished. To provoke or to calm. To get lost or to be found.

Softness and harshness. Quiet and loud. Light and heavy.

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Astral Ivy 2.0 – Presented by New Blue The Festival June 2018

Astral Ivy 2.0 is a revisited and “updated” version of a solo created in the winter of 207. This contemporary dance experiment is influenced by my training in many street styles, my personal life experiences, the imprint of those who came before me, and my love affair with the floor.

Astral Ivy

A solo experiment performed at Ryerson’s Choreographic Works 2017.

A venture into the unknown of what might happen if we loosen our plans, leaving space for the impulses that come up in each present moment. A discovery of self: expanding, growing, discovering, and conquering space. How does it feel to lose yourself?

Photography by Jeremy Mimnagh. Music by Omar David Rivero, aka Driftnote. Lighting by Jenny Hong.




A full-length physical theatre multi-media production created in April of 2017.

Waterline is a dance, theatre, multi-media exploration of what it means to dive below the surface. In this strange comparison of icebergs and the human condition, we ask ourselves what lies beneath the waterline.  How do we visit, heal, and express the heavier feelings and stories that live in these deeper waters? Through these questions, we also search for the purpose, and perhaps the role, that art plays in our lives, society, and in coping with what lies beneath the waterline.

Performers: Sebastian Biasucci, Audrey Clairman, Karly Fredrickson, Emily Fry, Katrina Gorgan-Kalnuk, Valerie Herdes, Tessa Kuz, Grace Simpson-Fowler, Kirsten Sullivan, Preston Wilder.

Projection and media design: Hans Krause

Lighting Designer: Nicholas Lau

Stage manager: Alex Robinson

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Les Femmes Cachées (Film)

Les Femmes cachées est un court métrage de danse réalisé par Michaëla durant ces études à l’University de Ryerson. Le désir d’explorer le concept des perspectives mêne à une quête fantastique du mystère et du caché. Ce mariage de danse et de vidéo crée, par de simples mouvements et visualisations artistiques, un monde secret et enchanté où les femmes tiennent le pouvoir et la clé.

Dancers: Kirsten Sullivan, Katherine Toogood.

Music: Raddir, by Ólafur Arnalds ft. South Iceland Chamber Choir.

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Created after the filming of Les Femmes Cachées, to the same piece of music, for five men.

How are we supposed to attain equality of genders in our current society if we fail to question our expectations of what it means to, Be A Man?

Dancers:  Christopher Lavigne, PJ Elisha, Dayton Hill, Devante Senior, Preston Wilder, Connor Mitton.


Pillow (Film)

From pillow talk to pillow fights this is a story of love and loss.




Created for five fellow dancers in second year at Ryerson University in 2015 for Choreographic Works.

Dancers: Jaclyn Patras, Kirsten Sullivan, Tessa Kuz, Stella Medley, Emily Fry.

Music by Hey Ocean and Zoë Keating. Lighting by Nic Vincent.